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Toyota Rent a Car of San Antonio/ San Marcos/ Austin has compact, midsize and full size vehicles for all your car rental needs.


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Here are some testimonials sent by our customers.

Judy B. from San Antonio, Texas

As "Customer Servers" go, I would like to applaud Mr. Gordon for his assistance and advice to me this past weekend. I use a wheelchair and depend on my car with the lift for my mobility. Saturday in the pouring rain my car died even before the garage door was down. Once towed, I was left with car rental decisions. My husband was out of town so he was no help. I called Toyota and asked if it was possible for your group to bring the car to me. After several phone calls Mr. Gordon developed a plan and came to my house with the car, processed the paper work and then walked back to the main road for his appointed pickup from with Toyota Service truck. It was way above the call and probably outside of your policy to do something like that. However, Mr. Gordon being the sort of gentleman he is proved professionally competent and very empathetic. Your organization is fortunate that you have placed him in this critical customer location within your company. 


My thanks to all of you.

Rosanna S. from San Antonio, TX

On May 31st we rented a 2013 Sequoia to take my daughter from our hometown San Antonio, TX to Winterpark, Fl, outside of Orlando, where she is student at Full Sail University.  It was the very best decision we made.  As a family were very stressed taking this long trip to drop off our baby.  We had many expenses and we were trying to find way to cut down.  Renting the Sequoia not only provided a more inexpensive way but also a more reliable and the most comfortable trip we have taken.  First I have to say that Ray, Robin and Steve at the Toyota Rental located in the Red McCombs Dealership were so informative, helpful  and knowledgeable.  We traveled 2500 miles in 6 days and my husband, who is a professional truck driver stated his back never hurt and we were in the Sequoia anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day.

Another plus was the toll road sticker! What a time saving advantage for us and again the cost was minimal.   My the end of our trip my husband who is a Ford Truck man said our next vehicle purchase should be a Sequoia.